Sit on Top Kayaks - Am I mad or what?

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Sit on Top Kayaks - Am I mad or what?

Postby DonQx » Tue Nov 11, 2008 3:47 am

Tim asked ... (@ )
TIMAX wrote:Sounds and looks amazing. Wish I could do that one with you guys.
I notice you say you paddle a SOT. Would love to see some pics and hear about your thoughts on them. Do you get cold , how have you got it set up etc etc. Please put a post up in the Kayaks Section if you can.

Good moaning Tim & others,

Ta for kind comment.

'tis a bit early at the mo, haven't had enuf coffee yet, but ...

... I did an article on this a few years back "A Sit-on-Top Kayak for Paddle Touring & Sea Kayaking in Tasmania??? " ... find it here

No, I don't get any more cold than sit-insiders, just need to dress appropriately. I've got two surfsuits 3mm thick (shorty & farmer john type) and a semi-dry suit. Surfsuits with windproof layer over the top are plenty warm enuf. Semi-dry suit is a recent acquisition, accidentally found at eBay for half-price ... veeeeery nice & cozy.

My current SOTs are a Perception Napali and a Finn Affinity.

Napali for touring, Affinity for kayak commuting (yes I'm lucky enuf to be able to paddle to work, try to do it once a week, we've got a bit of a group going at work trying to encourage this sorta thing)

We also have at least 4 Cobra Expeditions in the club that get a regular workout on overniters.

... that'll do for now ...

... happy to say more / discuss / post pics if anyone is interested ...

:-) a.

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