Hurricane Tracer 165, Hello All.

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Hurricane Tracer 165, Hello All.

Postby Azza » Tue Jul 06, 2010 4:58 pm

Hi all, I recieved an email from a member as he has the same rig, so not wishing to waste the opportunity to say g'day to you all and register my first post on the forum, I'll submit the below opinion. Please feel free to agree or disagree, I'm Married and used to it :lol:

what do you think of the boat. (Tracer 165)
regards gary.

Well I like it, I have heard some not so good stuff in forums about flex, however It dont bother me. I think its nonsense anyhow.

Like what could a little flex possibly do to the handling of a sea kayak in ocean waters were nothing is predictable to start with? Forces such as wind, wave, current and of course the pilot excerting thier influence on direction and stability? And in calm waters where's the flex?

If you take for granted that the boat flexes in turns ect, would not this in fact smooth the turn somewhat and increase stability, bit like sinking into a lounge chair or adjusting your cars suspension from hard to soft?

One must also consider unlike a motor car that is driven on a immovable surface where rigidity leads to better handling, water is the ultimate damper therefore any comparrison between a rigid chassis on a motor car and a Kayak seems unreasonable, think lateraly.

Some would believe that flex is an evil thing. And on this Im in two minds. Flex could be looked upon as an ability not to to break up but rebound, or bananna :o . On the other hand rigidity when it reaches it maximim limit will snap or tear.

When compared to other yaks of the same or similar materials one should remenber this Kayak weighs in at 20kg ringing wet, so I ghess flex is the trade of. Anyway I dont notice it, I'm to busy enjoying myself to worry if my Kayak is the bee's knees of yaks.

Anyway I believe most poeple will never test there yaks ability to the max in real challenging envioments, so in this case whats the point in debating the virtues of a certain yak? In other words, Its not what you got, Its how you use it.

I find the seating fine. On my most recent trip (37km) from Melrose Park boatramp to Fort Denison and return my butt held up as good as could be expected on such a journey.

Stability is fine for me both initial and secondary, I ghess I'm used to it. I must mention that this is my first Yak and I realy cannot compare it to another vesel. That being said I did invest in a few lessons with Rob Merser that gave me a much better paddling teqnique and the ability to roll with confidence. This improved my enjoyment and I dare say safety by 100%. Also he gave me some basic tips on balance and dirrectional control, and I use these at all times.

I try to always run skeg up and with a good even stroke, I find I am gaining greater control of the boat and manovability is improved greatly, I find on smooth water modest adjustments, leg braced then unbraced gives very fine control. I enjoy manovering into tight spots, such as in between magroves and just sitting there watching the wildlife. Kayaking like guitar will be with me for life, thiers always improvment, I love it.

I also have installed an electric bilge with a 1.3ah sla, pelican boxed with electric switch with thwe magnet sliding along bungee, excellent. I have also just purchaed a VHF.

Rob told me that one of the primary reason that people come to him for instruction is related to life threating situations that scared them, I can believe this. Please people ensure that you have the correct gear, even to excess to ensure your safety on the water, it's just so easy to lose control of a situation, I nearly have.

No doubt I'll want to consider a differant model in the future. At the moment I'm keen on Glass, but who knows.

Best regards Azza. :)

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Re: Hurricane Tracer 165, Hello All.

Postby Tx gal learner » Mon Apr 10, 2017 1:21 am

Having problem with water in stern
Hatch. Any ideas? Have sealed bulkhead and self Added keel tape Occurs after couple hours. Unable to determine water intake origin

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Re: Hurricane Tracer 165, Hello All.

Postby David Winkworth » Tue Apr 11, 2017 12:13 am

You could try this for a hard-to-locate leak:

Completely dry the kayak and put it in a shed with a dry floor on a couple of saw horses.
Put 40 litres or so of fresh water in the hatch and add some Condies Crystals to the water. That will give the water a nice pink colour that you'll easily see when it leaks out. Slap on the hatch lid and regularly rotate the kayak. Good luck!

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