What's safer, a ski or a kayak....?

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Re: What's safer, a ski or a kayak....?

Postby Hobartian » Fri Aug 25, 2017 11:24 pm

Remounting a surf ski is easy for some and very difficult for others.

The paddler in the video below certainly didn't find it easy after fatigue set in after repeated remounts.

In life, you reap what you sow.

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Re: What's safer, a ski or a kayak....?

Postby cheaterparts » Sat Aug 26, 2017 10:29 am

a bit of an interesting read but of cause there are so many things that haven't been looked at and should be

whats safer a 45 cm wide ski or a 45 cm wide kayak - there are some assumptions that all skis are only ocean racing skis
now on the other hand a 60 cm wide ski to a 60 cm wide kayak

dru wrote:My fishing ski is more stable than both, happy to use it anywhere-ish, but the dynamic stability and handling characteristics are much better in my sea kayak.

On our last Surf practice day with our fishing skis we did a trip to Anglesea Vic after a stormy week ( the surf was ugly by the way ) and the only guys on the beach were some surf life savers practising with there surf boats

of cause we got knocked over quite a few times I had to remount twice in the surf zone on one trip in through the surf and while it was damm hard work was quite do able - I dont know how that would be done on a kayak with the surf and any assisted recoveries would be down right dangerous
there are a group of us that do surf practice days a couple of times a year just to practice for getting off shore -

as for assisted recoveries with out perimeter lines I have assisted a few fishos back on SOTs and fishing skis the lines dont come into play - it's simple as parking on the opposite side of there ski to the punter getting on - grab there hand and help drag them on - not graceful but effective

like Dru I find my fishing ski quite good it's stable has good secondary and at 5.25 meters long and 61 cm wide is quite quick -

so whats safer my guess it's what you practice on

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Re: What's safer, a ski or a kayak....?

Postby Floater » Fri Sep 15, 2017 8:56 am

I have been practicing in/on both a kayak and a ski.
Yet to make up my mind what to buy.

Having practiced capsize and re-entry with both kayak and ski, I found without assistance it was much easier to climb back on a ski over the kayak. The kayak still needed to have water removed before I could paddle away again, which may lead to another capsize if I was in a bad place. I have not used a mechanical/electric pump to remove water from cockpit so cannot comment.

I guess it comes down to common sense, if you cant eskimo roll or re-enter a kayak on your own then don't paddle by yourself away from easy shore access, and if you cant climb back on a ski by yourself then don't paddle by yourself away from easy shore access.

Neither a kayak nor a ski is "safe" if you don't have sufficient skill and knowledge.

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