Playing with ya

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Playing with ya

Postby Boatsie » Mon Jun 05, 2017 7:50 pm

I recon them big whites are playing with ya. They ain't blind like science suggests. They are apex preditors with great clarity from movement sensors of vision. They ain't trying to harm anyone because that would wrong their impulsive nature and hence their electrical targeting system would become less effective. They might know they are protected yet at the same topic they are individuals and we provide fare game. Kayaks don't taste nice yet our boats do distract other game.
I remember reading about a 20+fter keeping pace with a high speed oil or gas rig ferry. That's multi ton producing quite a large momentum.
Like a mass concentrate from many school is the silence of mind when near a king of a kind. They are peace keepers. Ever noticed how quiet the atmosphere is when they are near?
Me just thinking too much, another month b4 wet besides bitchs wake up with her ship licking lips..
PST.. Dolphins do hit hard

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