Great White Attraction

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Great White Attraction

Postby Boatsie » Sun Jul 16, 2017 12:45 am

Just read on a blog, Tas's sea; I can't recall clear, I liked it. Great Whites seem attracted to bright colours; cream, yellow, orange. Navy safety use green to assist survival when floating around in a blow up life float. Old man when looking for men in water with others in a helicopter seen the orange man before overhead, the white man as passing near overhead yet the blue man (much like green) took many passes before a set of eyes recognized. Scarey out there aye. I think most of you are like me, not scared of the shark, just scared of her ability. They like fish. Not many seem to write on this forum. I guess I'll give up too.
See ya out there or at a club. Nearly near the cost for fees now. GWs are so friggin beautiful, I'm glad 6 dolphins circled us when my shorts sank and we swam ashore. I am prey

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