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Postby cheaterparts » Sun Apr 02, 2017 5:36 pm

NorthSIKer wrote:
cheaterparts wrote:I have been thinking for some time of building a S+G yak and have looked at a few sea kayak plans - I settle on something soon with maybe a little longer water line than my stealth

Stitch and Glue sit-on-top perhaps :D

Welcome to the forum.

no I think a normal sea kayak with some length to cover distance - I have the stealth as a good SOT and since moving to this glass fishing Ski I'm enjoying my paddling a lot more

I even got off my bum and took some paddling tuition a couple of weeks back at East Coast Kayaks as a tune up which picked up a couple of some bad habits i had - something I have to work on

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Postby Boatsie » Tue Jun 27, 2017 1:01 am

Thank you Tim,  Max and fellow crew, I've received plenty of valuable information thanks to this site.
I hope not to be too offensive nor defensive amongst discussions,  just seeking with same similar needs.
I love our waterways.  Love Sydney too but down here I only have to drive 10km.

The motion of waves are a soundless rhythm of music.  I like beating down the river in the Lee of man made land.  I have guess.  Like 2-3 hrs for 7 km into head wind flat water,  out the harbour Webb and maybe 1/2 hr 7km swell assisted return to cutting for another round or a paddle home.  Can't roll(I spin like a fan)  so gotta swim if I go over. That's where I'd like to be soon.  Like others ;an arm chair paddler at the moment. Been a while. Only storm time I spent there was in dingie and she runs perfect per kayaking.

I think every man on any vessel should know basic knot;  bowline.

Written lots posts, tryed to be true, thanks all again for information, hope I helped, hope it is you Matt, paddling 11 years aye champion. If not meant no offense with the glass shaft. Lol.

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Re: Welcome to the Forum

Postby DimitrisK » Fri Aug 11, 2017 8:31 pm

Good morning all,

I live in Greece, Athens and have a 3m sit-on-top sea kayak which I use for small sea trips along the coast (up to 20km total), rather than my 5m long kayak, which is really unstable and I don't enjoy paddling on it. I am also able to challenge myself into rivers and lakes, while in the short future I plan to visit Greek islands close to the mainland.

Hello to all

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