Glenelg River - Dartmoor - Nelson ?

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Glenelg River - Dartmoor - Nelson ?

Postby sgtwilson » Sun Mar 29, 2009 11:27 am


I have always wanted to paddle the Glenelg River from Dartmoor (Think that's were you start), down to Nelson.

Have heard it is a great trip in a yak. Take a few days to a week I would think ?

Bit of a logistical challenge though with how to get there and where to leave vehicles etc.

Anyone interested ?

Anyone done this trip ???

Any info much appreciated.



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Re: Glenelg River - Dartmoor - Nelson ?

Postby snellingcoastal » Mon Oct 12, 2009 3:16 am

Hi Paul its Bruce here ,have just joined the forum and no i,m not an insomneach (???) just passing time thru a quiet nightshift
Read your message re the Glenelg River and was wondering if you had gotten round to doing the trip yet (note your entry was a fair while back!!!).
I live in Ocean Grove and a group of us old farts try and get in 1 or 2 kayak camping trips/year.
We did the Glenelg River a couple of years ago and it was great!!
If you havent already check out Parks Victoria /Lower Glenelg National Park/Glenelg River Guide
We headed down Princes Highway and just before Dartmoor turned left onto Nelson /Winap Road
We unloaded and put in at Moleside
While crew stayed with the boats at moleside ,we drove the cars into caravan park at Nelson left them there and a guy from the service station drove us back out to the kayaks,he does this often (or did !!!) for a small charge,forgotten how much but it wasnt much .
One of the other guys organised it so am not sure of all the details , but if you contact the tourist info place there they,ll fill you in.
You have to organise nights (think we did 3 nights on river and 1 night at caravan park in Nelson)with Parks Vic (small camping charge).
Great river , great camping spots, most have tolets and tank water and supply of wood for fires.
When you get back into Nelson the pub puts on a great meal and if you like also has reasonable priced accomodation ( I stayed there as well on a previous trip )
If you havnt done the paddle yet I can highly recommend it
Regards Bruce ( snellingcoastal)

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Re: Glenelg River - Dartmoor - Nelson ?

Postby Gayleforce » Mon Jul 11, 2011 11:02 am

Have done a couple of trips on Glenelg over last year or so, one from Nelson, paddling upstream, another starting at Pritchards and travelling down to Nelson. The campsites are great, especially those with no road access.
Last year the river from Dartmoor was quite overgrown, lots of logs right across the river and difficult to portage, so didn't paddle from there, but with all the rain recently I would expect a lot more water, so could be easier.
If you plan on visiting the caves, be aware that they will not run a tour for just one or two people. I spent two hours waiting for someone else to come along, then gave up and paddled on, yet to see the caves.
Other river users seem to be mindful of paddlers, had only one hoon trying to capsize me in one of the ski-boat zones, others gave me plenty of room.
Met a couple of family groups out in Canadian canoes, having a ball, taking five days to do the trip. Can be done in one day if you want to push the pace, but much nicer to take two or three days to just enjoy the peace.
Recommend this trip for lovely peaceful paddle with some interesting scenery, expecially around the limestone cliffs, quite suitable for inexperienced paddlers if accompanied with others. There is a noticeable tidal push, and can be difficult coming into Nelson with incoming tide and head wind.

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Re: Glenelg River - Dartmoor - Nelson ?

Postby eagle4031 » Tue Nov 01, 2011 9:33 pm

this would be a good trip

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Re: Glenelg River - Dartmoor - Nelson ?

Postby Ianb » Fri May 27, 2016 11:24 am


I was googling a place to go kayaking this weekend and came across this thread.... I wasn't sure I'd ever heard of the Glenelg river on Dartmoor.... before checking out your locations I hit google once again only to realise I'd have to cross about 10 countries in a straight line to get to the Dartmoor you guys are talking about :(

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