Folding kayak around the world

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Folding kayak around the world

Postby Henri84 » Thu Mar 03, 2016 10:01 pm

Dear All!

my name is Henri and I'm new to this forum. From mid September on I will have the opportunity to take a roundabout three month break in between jobs. I thought this would be a great to do a around the world trip with my folding kayak (Feathercraft Wisper) .

So I'm looking for destinations and an airline that is willing to transport a folding kayak for a reasonable price (Sport equipment?? especially on a around the world ticket). Maybe someone has experinience?

I would like to paddle 4-8 day trips at nice coastline/lonely beaches in warm water/weather which allow a nice swim after a hard day of kayaking;-) I thought there might be good places in Philippines, Thailand/Adamansea. Pacific islands might be a very relaxed place? I think a stop in central america / carribean sea might be worth it? Maybe someone has an memory of great trip somewhere in that region (or somewhere else) or a sugestion how to find nice places? Depending on conditions I would do both, solo tours or guided trips. I also had a look at the white sundays, but I think during that time I would have to care about the stingers during that time?

I hope this is not to unspecific! I really appreciate any answer;-)

All the best,

PS: About me: I'm 31 years old and started sea kayaking 1.5 years ago when I had a 5 month research stay in New Zealand. I've done river journey before that for a few years. Currently I live in Darmstadt, Germany which forces me to do weekend kayak trips on rivers not on the sea.

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Re: Folding kayak around the world

Postby rupipolo » Thu Feb 09, 2017 11:50 am

Hi Henri,

I guess you have already finish your trip, otherwise I would have reccomend you few places to go to.

Anyways I want you to ask you where did you go, how was it and most important how was your folding kayak response.
A friend of mine and I were thinking of buying foldable kayaks to be able to do those kind of trips, but we haven't got the opportunity to try any foldable kayak yet. We don't know if you can trust them in rough conditions in the open ocean...

I would much appreciate your or anyone else answer.

Thank you,


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