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KAYAK: Nadgee Wanderer, 70s glass 15 ft, 2 Winner Otiums
Location: Adelaide


Postby Boatsie » Mon Jun 12, 2017 11:54 am

Adelaide based,
Joining sacanoe club soon.
I have mostly experience of water in yatchs, was a skipper of a 30' years ago racing, had much more experience growing up with a retractable keel and St Vincent gulf, northern KI.

Anyway 25 years ago we were surfing 10 mile out on clean swell with a fresh sw. Wanted to be there since in a kayak. Had and still own a few mostly poly bought for training purposes. About to purchase a Nadgee Wanderer for eventual offshore gulf useage.
Guessing about January before I have safety equipment. Very happy in river though, guessing only way I can get respect from creatures that live below is to take garbage bag and pick up others litter (I know sometimes i accidentally lose rubbish hence it isn't a problem to me to pick some up).
Anyway, that's where I'm at.
Interested in getting out to enjoy salty air.
Halve keen on extended trip such as around KI or Murray bridge to outer harbour yet work is reason I can get out there and warm weather holidays are a luxury. I am so scared of southern KI having seen northern KI working. Very impressed with how penguins can fly.
Next few years just hoping to get a couple of short trips such as day running warringa cove to north haven.
Hit me up if into above or roll practice behind the power station etc.

Posts: 137
Joined: Thu Jun 01, 2017 3:02 pm
KAYAK: Nadgee Wanderer, 70s glass 15 ft, 2 Winner Otiums
Location: Adelaide

Re: Adelaide

Postby Boatsie » Wed Jun 21, 2017 1:46 pm

We live near a beautiful natural shipping anchorage;  semi protected waters of gulf St Vincent.  Protected from the southern ocean by a generous chunk of land;  Kangaroo Island.
We were on shy reach,  glass conditions,  awaiting a blow.  No rush,  plenty of time. Some wind appeared and shaped our cloth. As the cruise progressed,  wind increased. We were making plenty of knots now,  main,  genoa and a colourful kite,  working aerofoils as to propel us well.  We queried the skipper regarding dropping the kite,  denied.  We were loving it,  4ft chop broadside to our gale shy reach and moving steadily much faster than normal.
The downhaul snapped, aerofoil lost now being a big sideways bucket,  we went over.  Keel sitting pretty topside of fluid,  heavy cloth holding such prolonged exposure,  mates sitting laughing on hull between funnel and waterline while skipper released most the sheets.  The sheer weight of a water filled kite meant that sheet needed blade.
Off we went again.  Gale.  Queries became should we drop the genny and reef the main.  Denied.  Keel up a couple of times during whale sprog breach.  We had a broad heading,  east ish.  Plenty of Lee soon. Land ho.  We were heaps north,  recognition of land features were fast.  Fthat,  we need to beat.  Saturated cloth went below and the iron sail pounded our hull the short distance to a flat blowy sleep.
Imagine if skipper headed at reef.  Out speaks command,  " hail yard,  bring traveller high; we going to need top shape,  ready to haul sheet. "
If post haste obey isn't of crews learning's then our skipper manages to find anchorage prior the pub shuts , if disobient he gets labelled an idiot for running aground.

? Kayaking?  Orientation is key to survival. I haven't been in big seas,  we spend most our lives in warmish semi protected waters down 'ere. Yet their big enough.  Loved watching the high response police cat continually air born in case survivors existed. Been knocked out more than a couple of times while underwater and know how confusing which way is up is.
If in group with a leader,  obey.  I like the plastic due to its head butting politeness yet prefer hard resin cloth due to water tight stiffness. 
Southern ocean Australia is so far from ice of Antarctica yet one of the last times I kayaked Australian coast down there after 3 days I had mild frost bite,  ring worm in right leg and a green ball bag having eaten raw steak and worn wet clothes. 
Staying warm on a yatch is easy enough;  throw oil skins over a wettie and wear broad rim through the night.  Pissing in the wettie ok , things like a caravan when port found,  strip outside.
I hope to learn stay warm in ваідарка soon because small boat (kayak)  looks colder and doesn't offer hot Milo's.
Anyway watching my friend realize how dangerous it is to not obey an idiot,  took me ages to get him back out there on flat water,  if I was to take to sea (I'm lying,  we only have oceans,  gulfs,  rivers and lakes in Australia) I would seriously like to be fluent with simple knots such as bowline,  hitch,  reef knot . I would want to be clear regarding equipment storage and emergency procedures.  I ain't an adventurer hence lucky enough to know topography well.  Orientation is so important,  both topographic and personal.  When training I was jogging 1.5 km near daily eyes shut just in case worst case.  I gave up after getting some pace and bleeding face on one of the trees.  Still worth eyes shut do now and then.  Try it.  Helps with rogue night hits,  not that I paddle at night;  too scarey.

So looking forward to doing nothing out there again,  already started planning,  sitting on the roof and learning to paddle again. I don't mind swimming.

Why go on?  I was born a freak to two beautiful family parents.  A British RSM James on mothers side,  2nd carriage to church during founding of Melbourne fathers side. I lost my fee-on-say not long before volunteering to help society by having my face rebuilt using frequency tuned titanium alloy plates.

I retrieved my documents from a secure vault and self destroyed the mobile phone like armour as best I could.  I am a very private bloke as per preferences.  I will never understand why 3 major influences of our wealth are truly focus sort yet I have my opinions of monetary,  monarchy and monestry.
I know what it was like to have greater than a tonne of steel via a 5mm thick blunt blade crash upon my head.  Knocked me out yet thanks to posture I remained at stance.
I was born yellow tiger and have the enjoyment to survive amongst beauty as much as most.  Lots of teachers aren't human,  picking up rubbish might get you admired. All I know is mummy's ain't in there tombs,  we need them there,  can story regarding such,  would rather bullship about back stairs passage.

We had been at sea(gulf actually)  2 weeks.  Like water;  taking the easy path.  Oh feel,  northerlie,  oh ship.  Ebb tide sucking us into the bulk,  northerlie assisting the southern ocean seek.  Dark hours.  Iron sail pounding the prop,  storm cloth aiding.  Took don't know,  3hrs,  5hrs,  maybe 2 mile all we went.  Probably went 5 miles then turned,  run and shot the cove web. Scored a beauty,  maybe a 2 inch ripple inside a perfect hide for next 4 days while 50metres away was the edge of a 4 day northerlie back stairs passage gale.
Next day 2 or 3 18/20 foot dive boats joined us.  All stuck,  who cares.  It's our Earth aye.  Kangaroo Island;  our local lords burial ground.
Anyway what's that got to do with kayaking?
Besides having a gawk,  what prileges did we get from robbing tombs?  Kayak designs, big shoulders make them Swede form.  I really don't know how you guys can run 20 knot in Norway.  A lot amazes me.
Running with the wind down the coast is appealing to I where both chop and swell are near similar directions. I haven't even them skills yet. Guessing I'm a slow cruiser.
Please note,  I don't make cents understanding our current monetary system while any dollars earnt are never owned hence tax.
I admire her majesty although I am ignorant of her title ( I think her majesty queen Elizabeth the 2nd is such)  having liked watching her husband (the Duke of Edinburgh?)  speak smilingly at my father concerning a bit of cloth with a picture of a red dragon,  lol.
And.  Thank you,  24 letter alphabet is much fun,  maybe 1 day some chick will find enjoyment with me,  I herd, you guys have a lovely cat.
Why do I love our local waters?  Years ago a group of old men used to sail  many ваідарка offshore to swim with a docile local resident 18foot great white.  Last three years (although I've been dry this year)  a beautiful 4-4.5 metre playful g.White is there.  I'm not that brave,  I haul arse for 1/2 fathom remembering seeing a known man eater from previous years.
Looking forward to building skills as per boat to go camping local near future.  I read about eastern KI reef and I know how to get fresh water from remote beaches hence SE also appealing.
Currently reading Peter Brays Atlantic voyage book and sea kayak rescue techniques.  Hey,  wrote all above in case some similar weirdo without want of explain recalls simple.  Mummy in tomb required!  They knot like
(Hence Swede form, lol)

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