loving skin

Skin on frame , Strip built , Stitch & glue , Lets see whats happening in the boat shed.
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loving skin

Postby ludovic » Tue Jun 28, 2016 5:09 pm

After spending years with Carbon, Kevlar, and other composite material, I have to admit: I still enjoy the results, however, I LOVE THE SKIN!

Here's a friend of mine building a Canoe (13 kilos all rigged) and a SUP (12 kilos all rigged). Gotta love the look of "nature".

Two different crafts: The first one is a canoe design that he's using for stand up paddling, and the second one is a SUP specific design that he is going to modify slightly to use as a kayak as well.


SUP Sprint 14' x 23"
SUP Allstar 14' x 25"
Nelo Surfski 18'4" x 17"
Nelo Surfski 17' x 20.9"


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